These are the best games with Intel graphics that you can find

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Of the best games with Intel graphics is what we want to talk about next, despite the fact that some “sophisticated” people consider them poor in quality. But they should not be considered less for any reason. Of course you need something more to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in ultra graphics settings, but if you do not mind losing a bit of visual quality and delving into the great games out there, we tell you that there have been, and there will be tons of entertainment and excitement.

This guide is for those who are without a so-called dedicated graphics card: it is our list of the best games that you can run with Intel graphics.

Before you start, it is important to keep in mind that some of these games are not designed to run with integrated graphics. All can be played with a quality that is more than acceptable, although undoubtedly you will have to sacrifice the visual quality to do it. You may also need to make some manual adjustments to the graphics settings before you can start playing the game correctly. For advice, see this Intel guide.


As beautiful as it is, the Overwatch combat game (inspired by MOBA) is a very inclusive game when it comes to your requirements. Although you must make sure that you have – at least – 4 GB of RAM, graphically an Intel HD 4400 is enough to meet the minimum specifications. With this, you’re not going to get much more than the minimal graphic settings, but it’s still pretty playable.

There are videos of people who manage to run the Overwatch on even weaker hardware, although that tends to require great sacrifices in terms of resolution.


Born as a collectible card game, Hearthstone is a much less frenetic experience, and for that reason, its specifications are lower than those of its popular cousin FPS. Although official specifications do not mention Intel HD graphics, there is a lot of evidence there of people who are able to run the game on a variety of chips with integrated Intel graphics. In some cases, they may even be eligible for medium levels of detail.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the biggest hit of 2017, being hailed by many as the pinnacle of the “battle royale” of the game. I would never have reached such heights if players with weaker systems could not have executed it. Although the minimum system requirements suggest having – at least – a low-level graphics card, some have managed to make it work without even that, and if you’re willing to support not very bright colors and a resolution of blocks, Battlegrounds is perfectly playable in a variety of Intel HD graphics chips.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular franchises in the history of video games. Its most recent entry, GTA V, is shown as an example of “what is well produced” and how well it looks today after its launch, 2013.

This, of course, does not mean that you can not play in integrated graphics. You may have to sacrifice the levels of detail and the “smoothness” of the frame rate (depending on your preferences), but there are a lot of people who have made this game work without a graphics card.